Re: Propagation velocity in long helical coils.

Hi Bob,

Wonderful!!!  I will bee looking very forward to seeing what you have
found!  Any model that can give insight into the secondary behavior at this
level of detail will really be a major advance.  Such a model will also
greatly help issues of dynamic streamer impedance, growth, and such where
were still know very little and the present analytical tools are weak.  A
model also allows us to poke and prod it to get a much better idea of the
true nature of secondary behavior.



At 10:00 AM 05/05/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I believe I have solved the propagation equation  numerically.
>The surprising result is the velocity as a function of wavelength repeats
>with a similar form to a 1/2 wave resonance. In fact beating between the
>coupling function and wavelength.
>This produces several possible modes of propagation at least in very long
>The effect should readily be detectable in a coil 15 diameters long and
>in the progression of harmonics in a smaller coil i.e. the frequencies will
>be  both higher and lower than a 1/4 wave progression with constant
>dispersion. I will post the results when I have them tidy.
>Sorry its only numeric I know this is not much better than simulation but
>diabolical integrals are hard even for waveophiles.
>Regards Bob