Although I would not recomment building a large coil for your first Telsa
Coil attempt...you will learn a lot more about building, tuning, and
operation of coils if you start on a small scale. But...

Do you want to build a massive sized coil in the physical sense? or do
you want to build a super-duper high performance effiecent coil capable
of producing much larger streamers than a normal 1/4 wave Tesla Coil with
the same power input? If your answer is yes to the latter statment, then
you ought to construct a Magnifier Coil. It still uses the primary and
secondary, but a third, or tertiary, coil is added. Tesla realized that a
two coil system could only be 50% effiecent at best, due to the loose
primary and secondary coupling. So he solved the problem with three coils
and having an overall effiecency of 70%-90%!!! If you or anyone else is
interested, let me know and I will send you some excellent files
detailing its construction, I think they are a little bit lengthy to post
on the list, but definately a good read! Richad Quick's magnifying coil
produced 22 million volts and 11'-15' streamers (I think he was using
10kva from a pole pig)!!! It would erase magnetic strips from credit
cards at several yards away. The basic idea and construction is still
pretty much the same as a 1/4 wave coil, but there are some other
important details that cannot be over looked...if you want  a high
performance coil at any cost, this is the one for you!  How lucky you are
to be able to say money is not of concern!

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