(Fwd) RE: Tesla Coil


Gene no longer has use for his Tesla coil.  If you are interested in 
it, please email him at outputprinting-at-mindspring-dot-com

Matt Behrend

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Hi, I have a tesla coil that I made in my High School Physics class 15
years ago. It's based on a design I found in "Elementary Electronics"
May-June 1980, Build a Tesla Coil. Coil 1 has 10 windings, coil 2 has 770
windings, transformer steps 120V to 12,000 V. It has a spark gap and a
glass ball on the terminal end of coil 2 which you can run your hand over
and create sparks.

My wife tells me I need to get rid of it. It takes up too much space. I can
send pictures. Know of anyone who would be interested in buying, or
donating to a science museum, etc. Please help if yo can.


Gene Morris
11704 Bowman Green Dr.
Reston, VA 20190