Re: Magnet Wire

page 547 of a 1953 radio amateur's handbook has a table of copper wire info
for #22, it says 25.35 mils diameter, or .6438 mm
642.4 circular mils area
37 turns per liniear inch with enamel insulation
514.2 feet per pound, bare, or 461 feet per pound with DCC (douldble cotton
nearest british wire gauge is 23 SWG

so I think your calculations must be wrong.

32 gauge has5227 ft per pound (closer to your estimate)

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> To - anyone who lives in the uk,
>                                                if you live in the uk you
> have heard of a largely mail order electronics supplier called maplins, if
> have a catalogue look up the enamel wire section, they sell 250g reels of
> enamel copper 22 swg wire, which they reckon is about 1.5 Km i.e - enough
> wind an 8" * 50" coil for arounf 5, that's cheap... or wrong, does anyone
> how much 1m of copper wire weighs? or knows the density of copper?
> thanks
> Alex