Re: Variac setting (Was Rd: Rotaty popping)

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<<  I measured my ballast variac last night.  It is made by Luxtrol, says 
 > Light 
 > >  Control on it, max 41.6 amps (says to fuse it at 50 amps).  It also
 > >  taper wound - which is odd, I don't see any taper to the core or the 
 > >  windings.  It is however very non-linear.  The maximum inductance is
 > mh.  
 Are you sure that isn't "tape wound"?  Referring to how the core is made,
 from a long strip wound into a toroid.
Well, I checked my ballast variac again last night.  It clearly says "Taper 
Wound", which must refer to the non-linear inductance of the variac.  Must be 
because of it's designed use as a light control.

Ed Sonderman