Re: Beginner Questions about Core and Bobbin

Michelle and Ruth(if your a girl/girls you kick ass!)
    Being a H.S. physics student i'll try to help you out as much as possible.
Anyways, the page you sent doesn't work.. i dunno whats wrong w/ it. Check 
the address again.
    I'm guessing that the ferrite core and bobbin are used on the primary 
side of your NST or whatever your power source is to help protect it or 
something? Please give more details on why you are using them. In my first 
coil, i didn't even use those and i got 60" output. anyways I'll try to help 
you out as much as possible.
Conact me at:
ICQ: 27719174
pager: 310-434-0213 leave me voice mail and i can meet you online and talk 
via AIM or ICQ.. i guess you coudl use this if its a emergency or thrusday 
night late..
GOOD LUCK and I hope you get successfull output on your first try.
Write back

Another h.s. coiling kid from los angeles