Re: Microwave Oven Transformers (MOTs)

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>  Then why must they (MOTs) be ballasted?


The internal ballasting of MOT's is not that effective.  They draw
a lot of current despite the shunts.  However they *don't* really need
to be ballasted.  I once built a TC using four MOT's in series with
mid-point grounded and the "outer" cores hot.  This was used with
a rotary gap and gave 62" sparks, but it was inefficient when I used
no ballast, and drew 6kW.  When I added a ballast, it gave the same
spark length but only drew 4.2kW.  WOW what efficiency....  just
kidding, it wasn't efficient at all.  I later made a coil that gave 64"
sparks using just 1570 watts.

John Freau