Re: Synchronous Motor buy

Hi Paul,

	Be sure to check if it is a salient pole motor or not.  Salient pole sync
motors always lock in the exact same position.  Other sync motors lock at
1800 RPM but they can be in any random position requiring that they be
adjusted every time they are turned on.  The salient pole sync motor are
MUCH more convenient.



At 04:20 PM 05/01/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>     Folks,
>     I found a motor for sale in a catalog and was wondering if it would be 
>     appropriate for use in an SRSG:
>     Globe Model #186A147 Dual Shaft Synchronous Motor - $14.50!
>     - Rated for 115VAC 60Hz 1 Phase 3600 rpm
>     - torque: 5 oz-in cont. 14 oz-in stall
>     - Requires 6 mfd cap
>     Will this type of motor synchronize correctly?
>     I realize there are major issues with the low torque rating of the 
>     motor, but wonder if you couldn't work around them using extremely 
>     light electrodes and rotor, and maybe gearing down 2:1 or 4:1 to 
>     increase torque.
>     just an idea. .  .
>     thanks,
>     paul