Re: Mutual Inductance of between two coils

> Original Poster: "Robert Jones" <alwynj48-at-earthlink-dot-net>
> Hi Ruud,
> Yes perhaps I do have a different altavista than you or I did not explain
> what I required very well.
>  I.e the equation for the mutual inductance between two coaxial helical
> coils as a function of the distance between them.
> Thanks for checking anyway I did spend more than 5 hours searching.
> Regards Bob

Hi Bob,

5 hours? That's a lot! Sorry that my music was a little out of tune. So,
being in dept i thought: what the heck, i can only learn from it and i put
old AltaVista to work with the following results:

practice: http://www.pupman-dot-com/listarchives/1997/may/msg01099.html

theorie: http://jota.sm.luth.se/~d92-uln/master/Theory/5.html#_Ref378140309

The following search method was used:

+coupling  +"mutual inductance" +formula +distance

After reading the ever popping up site 'pupman-dot-com' mail the search word
+neumann was added to narrow it down to 21 sites.

I hope this will help!

Greetings from Holland,

Ruud de Graaf