Part identification

Hello all,

I have some X-ray PSU parts, but I don't know what their specs are. I'm
hoping to use them in TC- or other HV use.

First part: a (silicon, I think) diode(s) which is black and consists of
three disks connected in series. The manufacturer 
is probably Origin. Type number is MD-25X1S / 63B.

Second part: Selenium rectifier rod(s). Manufactured by Siemens, type
V3000C18. Probably 3kV, 18mA?

Third part: A transformer unit, probably from a Philips bv21 C-
arch X-ray machine. Output voltage was said to be 125kV. It's
built into a soldered metal can. Its dimensions are (w*h*l)
110x215x145 mm. Type number XG1400/01, s/n G484181. Oil filled
container, which was vacuumed. It has two valve-looking things on
the case. The HV terminal is for a plug of some kind featuring
a 5 cm deep hole, with the HV connection at the bottom.
The other HV lead is connected to the case. The LV side has six
terminals in a row, here's a diagram with all the measured

(1) GND

    70 ohms between these, inductive
    8,5 ohms between these, inductive

(5) 0.7 ohms to GND, inductive

(6) 8.9 Kohms to GND, not sure if inductive.

(I just made up the numbers to help explaining, they're not 
on the unit.) 2, 3 and 4 are not connected to ground. Also 
the ground and (6) terminals are bigger than the others.

We did some testing and found out that the thing has an
integrated HV rectifier diode. Switching 6vdc between GND and
(5) resulted in 1 cm sparks between the HV output and ground.
We got some output too by inputting between (2) and (3), and (3)
and (4).

The thing had a bizarre resistor network on it, with 9 pcs of
680 kohm 2 W resistors in series, and a 1.2Mohm in between.
There were lots of center taps from this array, but there were
too many cut wires to determine it's purpose nor the mains input.

Oh, it also has a sticker on its side that says "Attention: fuses
bridged" and a schematic symbol of a fuse with a short over it. :)