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>  Hi Ed, John, 
>  Regarding the range of inductance having little effect in our systems, I
>  suspect this may be due to our own system parameters. I know others have
>  reported a big change with little inductance settings, but I seem to 
> remember
>  those reports were not pig powered systems. I never ran anything but a pig
>  system so I have no comparison if the impedance of the xfmr plays a role 
> the
>  variation or if the system after the xfmr is responsible. I really should 
> pick
>  up a few NST's one of these days. Hard to do when a pig serves most 


My work that I reported on below was done with pole pigs and with
potential xfrmers (which behave pig-like).  I do not use any ballast
with my NST's.  I suspect that lower sync breakrates require a more
critical ballast adjustment, and that higher non-sync breakrates are
less critical ballast-wise.

John Freau
>  Bart 
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>  > Ed, Bart, 
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>  > One thing I have noticed is that coils using async gaps are able to 
>  > run over a much wider range of ballast inductances than low bps 
>  > sync gap coils.  In the higher bps async coils, the ballast inductance 
>  > can be used to vary the power output of the coil.  Low inductance 
>  > gives longer sparks, higher inductance gives shorter sparks.  In the 
>  > low bps sync gap TC, only a certain inductance setting will give long 
>  > sparks.  Inductance settings that are higher or lower will reduce the 
>  > spark output.  I can only assume that it's all a matter of resonant 
>  > charging or inductive kick charging, and how it behaves at differnt 
>  > break-rates, and whether it's sync or async. 
>  >
>  > It is interesting that you have the variac inductance set at 5mH, since 
>  > believe you said the welder inductance may have gone only down to 
>  > 10mH, so that is a differnce there.  Of course you also said above 
>  > that the inductance setting doesn't make much difference at all now 
>  > to the coil's performance, and that is interesting indeed. 
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>  > Cheers, 
>  > John Freau