Re: Toroid Capacitance calculated without earth-distance?

> Original Poster: "Ruud de Graaf" <rdegraaf-at-daxis.nl>
> Thanks for answering Terry, David, John, Antonio and others,
> I have still a little trouble with imagining a capacity with only one pole,
> but i think i will have to reread some books in my study and maybe the
> clouds in my head will disappear.

You don't really need any books, the fundamental idea is not that
complicated.  The topload normally has X number of electrons.  You can take
some off my force, you can put more on by force.  Your Van de Graaff
generator does this as it's only function.  Bigger topload = higher

The two-pole capacitor is actually the more complicated device, it's a
clever way of using the electostatic force to pack those electrons even