RE: air blast vs. static spark gaps

Let's not be so hard on the "kid".  His/her description of the air blast gap
is not original work, but is lifted verbatim from
ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/sci/electrical/tesla/misc/sparkgap.zip.  Unless you
have a problem with plagiarism? ;-)

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

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>HEY "kid"-
>      Can you tell me why an air blast gap isn't a static spark gap? I mean
>your description of an air gap is right, then doesn't that mean that the
>electrodes, made of whatever you want to use, stay in one place and don't 
>-Alan Yang

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>>  "Hey"  "Gary Lau"
>>   Ok a air blast gap is not like a static gap.
>>   A static gap is made with copper pipe. carp gap!!!!!
>>   A air blast gap is made with brass electrodes, and a air feed pipe,
>> plexiglass mounts.
>>   It is name air blast gap 1 it has a air compressor hook up two it.
>> 2 beneath the gap is a mounted a 1/2 ID pipe fitted with a standard male
>> coupling at one end. 
>>   This configuration offers several advantages:
>> (1) Gap distance can be adjusted precisely and quickly by rotating the
>> electrodes on the threaded rod, as opposed to most multiple and quench
>> (2) Higher power can be accommodated simply by increasing the air feed
>> pressure (or CFM).
>> (3) A single pair of strong magnets can be nounted on either side of the 
>> gap to assist quenching at even higher powers by dispersing ions away
>> the arc and into the high speed airstream.
>> (4) The electrodes can be quickly removed for examination and/or cleaning
>> without disassembly of the gap. The electrodes require a light burnishing
>> with #1200 sandpaper after every hour of operation. The procedure takes
>> then 5 minutes.
>> This gap hisses like a large snake when the air feed is turned on.
>> When you hit your power switch and feed juice to the coil this gap will
>> off.
>> The noise is similar to a chain saw run full throttle without a muffler.
>> Indoors, hearing protection is a must.
>> Outdoors, your neighbors are sure to complain! hehehehehe;-)
>>  kid-kv