Help dig out Cap spec: GE 160PPS .048uF 33kV

Cap experts:

I picked up 16 GE rugged steel case pulse Caps this weekend, ~25 lbs each.

The GE website had nothing, but perhaps List resources may be able to help.

General Electric CAT 17F383   No. W18426  160PPS  .048uF  33kV

I have more than I need, 
anyone interested email direct: dale.hall-at-trw-dot-com  $60 each + S&H
I'll RSVP .jpg to anyone interested (sorry still website-less).

Ross O, Scot H, Brian B, or ?- if you are listening, you willing to try'em
out for me -at-120bps ?
(I only have the DCTC at the moment)

Shipping available from Los Angeles or Orange County, California, USA

Military Gray steel case size: 12"x11.5'x7.25" excluding 2 side flanges &
two 3" brown insulators on top.

Regards, Dale
Redondo Beach, Calif