Re: air blast vs. static spark gaps

HEY "kid"-

    Can you tell me why an air blast gap isn't a static spark gap? I mean if 
your description of an air gap is right, then doesn't that mean that the two 
electrodes, made of whatever you want to use, stay in one place and don't 
move? According to websters dictionary, static means "characterized by a lack 
of movement, animation, or progression" Seems as if this air gap qualifies as 
a static gap. Off the top of my head the only non-static spark gap would be 
an RSG since those electrodes have movement.
    From my tesla coiling, the "carp gap" I'm using doesn't require much 
cleaning, even after running hard and blowing up caps. Even when I did clean 
it, I merely ran some sandpaper on the sides of the pipe. total cleaning time 
was less than 5 minutes.
    When I ran a static gap and I wanted to adjust the width of the gap, all 
I did was move the tap point to a different pipe to get more gap spacing. 
This is about as simple as turning a screw. I don't see what the big deal is? 

-Alan Yang

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   Ok a air blast gap is not like a static gap.
   A static gap is made with copper pipe. carp gap!!!!!
   A air blast gap is made with brass electrodes, and a air feed pipe,
 plexiglass mounts.
   It is name air blast gap 1 it has a air compressor hook up two it.
 2 beneath the gap is a mounted a 1/2 ID pipe fitted with a standard male air
 coupling at one end. 
   This configuration offers several advantages:
 (1) Gap distance can be adjusted precisely and quickly by rotating the
 electrodes on the threaded rod, as opposed to most multiple and quench gaps. 
 (2) Higher power can be accommodated simply by increasing the air feed
 pressure (or CFM).
 (3) A single pair of strong magnets can be nounted on either side of the 
 gap to assist quenching at even higher powers by dispersing ions away from
 the arc and into the high speed airstream.
 (4) The electrodes can be quickly removed for examination and/or cleaning
 without disassembly of the gap. The electrodes require a light burnishing
 with #1200 sandpaper after every hour of operation. The procedure takes less
 then 5 minutes.
 This gap hisses like a large snake when the air feed is turned on.
 When you hit your power switch and feed juice to the coil this gap will take
 The noise is similar to a chain saw run full throttle without a muffler.
 Indoors, hearing protection is a must.
 Outdoors, your neighbors are sure to complain! hehehehehe;-)