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>Hi again,

>thanks for your help, I have a yet more questions, but I shall insert them
>into the original message.
>If two transformers are of differing physical dimensions, does that mean
>that their electrical characteristics are different?  I mean would such
>a physical difference be down to alloys used for the transformer core etc.
>The two transformers I have are as follows:
>Gardener GR129264, it's fairly big.
>Dong Yang Power Systems Y6245NTC
>thanks again.
>Regards, Gavin, U.K.
Hello Gavin:

Based on the little bit I do know about transformers, if the physical size
difference between the two is significant, then the electrical properties
are likely to be different too.

This could mean differences in turns ratios, turns per volt, wire size,
and so on.  I think you'll be better off to look for two identical units
rather than risking the two you have, and possibly yourself.

Check around at appliance dealers and scrap yards, and you should come
up with two (or more) identical units in no time.

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