Why Can't I Use a Static Gap?

Dear List,

Forgive me for breaking a thread, but I emptied my recycle bin a bit too
soon and I've lost the original posting.

My question is regarding an earlier post which stated that ordinary static
gaps were unsuitable for use with pole transformers.  I thought static gaps
were limited by current/VA rating, not by the type of power supply.  If I
throttle my pig back to 1 or 2KVA, why couldn't a regular static gap cope
with the arc?  What is the difference between 2KVA of neons and a pig
limited to 2KVA?  I'm asking because I really don't know.  My own pole pig
is in storage in my shed and I've yet to power up a TC with it.  I had
planned to build a heavy-duty forced air static gap for it.  Now I'm
hesitant.  Please advise.

Best Regards,