Re: I have information you might want

Barry, Terry, Bert, and everyone else interested:

Anyone interested in:

EROSION" . . .

then please read this post.

	I was out of College for two months and off the list (that is,
travelling the country like a spoiled brat while all the rest of you
still had to go to work everyday . . . heheheh).  It has been brought to
my attention that an article titled "Using Magnetic Pulse Shaping to
Reduce Spark Gap Losses and Electrode Erosion" was discussed on the list
during that time.

	Bert says that this paper contains information relavent to spark gap
losses due to electrical noise, and erosion of electrodes, and might be
of interest to coilers.

	It was also brought to my attention that there is another follower
article to this one, and that a few of you were interested in reading it,
and that you need someone at Texas Tech University to find the article
(i.e. Me). 

	Anyway, I know most of the co-authors of that paper, and just happen to
live walking distance from the Pulsed Power Laboratory, where this paper
originated.  I will show this request around and see if it can be
located, if anyone on the list still expresses an interest.

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