Alternator Phasings

Some time a ago a colleague advised me that it might be advantageous to run
a tesla coil from a large alternator so that higher than 60 hz frequencies
could be tried. I took two large bus alternators and had them converted to
AC by removing the diodes and making 3 separate ac signals 120 degrees out
of phase, as the power companies supply. The two alternators are run on a
common shaft and I can vary the phase angles between them in any way, but
the way I am making it is balanced so that instead of 3 signals 120 degrees
out of phase, I will obtain 6 signals at 60 degrees out of phase. 
(this makes 3 sets of 90 degree phasings) The design of these beasts is to
produce large amperage and at 3600 rpm a single phase only has about 30
volts. The problem now becomes the fact that I must use a transformer (which
I have done to light an incandescent bulb as proof of output) to get the
voltage up high enough for my experimental needs. The frequency is 360 hz,
wont this heat up any transformer badly? Is there a special powdered ferrite
transformer that will do a better job?
In my earlier work with smaller converted automobile alternators I noted
that you could combine two of the phases in series to obtain a higher
voltage signal, but of course this also might not be wise since the voltages
from each signal would not constructively add during the whole cycle, and in
fact cancel at certain points, resulting in a phase shifted output, that
nevertheless still produced a sine wave on an oscilloscope. Trying to
incorporate all 3 phases in a wiring arrangement led to a non sinusoidal
waveform. So if is possible to use two out of the three phases, I should be
able to do this on the other alternator also and then combine those two
mixed signals in series so that I could use 4 out of the 6 phases available
to produce a single higher voltage signal. I would like to have at least 100
volts from this alternator in a single signal. Is that the best way to
attempt it?
Thanx for any answers. HDN

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