RE: Battle Damage Assessment


The electronics in my garage door opener didn't survive the 5+ foot strike
to the terminal block on it's side. <:') Everything else (lots of
electronics) has survived in close proximity for over a year.

The only time I generate any notable interference is when the topload is so
big that sparks can't break out. 

Brian Basura

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I used extreme caution with regards to operating my coil when I first
started making arcs last February.  I have multiple line filters, a good RF
ground, and I would still unplug the TV power and cable connections and
unplug the PCs in the house.

After a few runs, I started getting lazy and gradually leaving stuff on.  I
didn't seem to get any interference, so I now I don't unplug anything.  I
also verified that my cordless phone works great only about 4 ft out of
reach of the 5+ foot arcs.  Matter of fact, the only thing that I have
successfully interfered with was a DSS across the street.

In a nutshell, I need some data that will give me an idea of conditions that
have caused a TC to kill or severely interfere with other electronics.  The
only device that I recall on the TCML is a pager that was damaged by close
contact with a coil.  If anyone has any "good" damage stories (or impressive
survivability stories) please let us know.

Making arcs in Huntington Beach, CA
Ross Overstreet