Re: ohio scientific induction heater

rrrr & Bill,

I doubt you want to use the induction heater "as is".  As Bill said, any
usual secondary which resonates at 1 mHz would not withstand 10 KW.  But by
replacing tank (plate) tuned circuit with a TC primary and MMC cap, and
adding a feedback coil for the grid, generally following whatever circuit
it now uses, you could have a great performing TC at whatever frequency
your secondary resonated at.  This assumes a vacuum tube type, but a spark
gap type would be just as adaptable.  We need more details of your
induction heater, including the circuit and values, before more specific
comments can be made.

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> Subject: Re: ohio scientific induction heater
> Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 12:27 PM
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> "rrrr" <rrrr-at-lisco-dot-net> wrote:
> >I have a very old 10 kw induction heater
> >runs at 1mhz has any one ever used any thing like this for a primary 
> >circuit ?????
> I'd like to hear more about what you have.
> I would think this woumd make an EXCELLENT primary power supply.  Of
> you'd have to set up your sec to resonate at 1MHz, which I think you will

> find will be very difficult.
> Is your induction heater the spark gap style or other?
> -Bill
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