Re: first tesla coil

Just FYI, my 6" coil got 2-3 feet with a 15KV 30mA power supply. I'd say you're
out of tune. Try adding more primary turns. The cap may be a smaller value then
you expected. I know my rolled poly caps were. I needed both of them in
to be able to tune mine with a 15 turn primary. And even then I think I still
needed a bit more. I used #22 wire for the secondary, so that would have
effected my resonant frequency. But yours shouldn't be too far off from mine.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Katie Lowrey <lowrey-at-interpac-dot-net>
> from this description what do you think about it's performance? all i can
> currently get is 5 inch sparks at the most. my thoughts are that the
> transformer isn't big enough.
> but would it work better if i use a smaller primary and secondary?
> transformers are preatty hard to obtain when you live in hawaii and are only
> 15yrs.  i just built the cap this weekend and was expecting better results
> than with my 7 bottles but spark gained 1' at the most