wound transformer WORKS!!!

Hey all,,,,,

recent update on the "winding my own transformer" thread.  I went with
the #10 wire ( with a THHN  rating ;)  )  .  Anyway ...  each side was
wound with 180 turns and the "prinary " side was placed in series with
the pig. The secondary was used as the control side with a set of hot
water heater cores in parallel for a grand total of 14,500 watts... e.g.
approximately 60 amps draw ( considering that the secondary side
maintained 240 V ) .

The performance was better than expected ....  by switching on the
heaters in tandem, there was a visible increase of streamer length to a
point ( 6 feet ) then from there no more length increace but a definate
increase in streamer "thickness" and an obvious increase in action and
streamer numbers.

And heres the good part ......   the primary side of the transformer
didnt get hot   it barely became warm to the touch....

now for the next step   build a capacitor that can handle the higher
voltage ( id like to increase the distance between the gap points  -  to
increase the final output voltage). This stuff is addictive ;)  i need
more length .......   heheheheheee    ( my best Renfield laugh.. )

Darn learning is FUN    :)

Scot D