Re: IR remote control?

Think safety...

Small child next to TC
Turn on TC with IR remote
arcing to child
battery dead in IR remote
fried child (or cat or dog or burning house)

You kind of want positive control of the power

Perhaps IR remote to control tuning, though?

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> Subject: IR remote control?
> Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 7:49 PM
> Original Poster: Jan Florian Wagner <jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi> 
> Hi there,
> wanted to ask if anyone is using, in addition to switches and key locks,
> an IR remote control to turn on/off the TC? I'm considering building a
> timed IR remote switch for my 400VA PSU. Obviously a radio controlled one
> wouldn't work :o) but maybe IR? Or is there too much IR radiation from
> the streamers?
> Has anyone tried this?
> greetz,
> Jan
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