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In actuallity, if you are trying to get 1nf, a simple bottle
capacitor(leyden jar) is all that is necessary.  For 10kvac, and higher
capacitance, you might be able to use a rolled capacitor, 20 layers of
saran wrap and aluminum foil.  About 100 square feet of dilectric should
get u at least a 1uf.  Mathematically, it would get u about 3, but it is
quite hard to things super perfect  Check your high school physics book
for the dilectric formula and charge storage.

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> Hi Everyone...
>    I know this is a little off of the subject, but after reading 
> through 
> many coiler's HOWTO's and such, I got quite confused when one person 
> said: 1 
> millimeter = .001 inch, and another: 1 millimeter = .01 inch. I know 
> for a 
> fact that: 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters, which would mean: 1 millimeter 
> = .039 
> inches. A little different from what the others were sayin'. I have 
> gotten 
> very disgruntled from these documents.
>    Ok, so starting fresh: What exactly is the math behind making 
> cap.'s 
> suitable for Tesla Coils? (Better yet, the spec's.)  More 
> specifically 
> rolled and plate cap.'s... Understanding that 1 inch = 25.4 
> millimeters. How 
> many inches thick of a dielectric do I need for a coil about 10kVAC?
> And what are the physical dimensions? I tried everything reasonable, 
> (math 
> wise, not actual) and nothing would even come close to .001 uFD's.
> ---Mikey D.
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