Re: Extra coil and corona on connection wire

At 12:16 PM 09/18/1999 -0600, Tesla List wrote:

>Original Poster: "Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz" <acmq-at-compuland-dot-com.br> 
>Tesla List wrote:
>> I made a second coil that matches my first coil in size
>> (6" secondary), coilform length, wire, etc. My thinking
>> was to use it as an extra coil.
>This is essentially equivalent to double the inductance of the
>what would require doubling the inductance of the primary too. But the 
>extra coil adds also more self-capacitance to the secondary circuit, 
>what lowers even more the operating frequency, requiring more inductance
>in the primary, or more capacitance, as you have found.
>The self-capacitance of the secondary coil is insulated from the 
>terminal by the third coil, and the charge stored there is not available
>to supply streamers at the terminal. This may cause some degradation in 
>the performance. This problem may be solved with the triple resonance 

Hi Antonio, All,

Yes, I did run out of primary, since 16 turns on a flat primary is all
I had. So, to make up for it, I doubled the capacitance and was able
to tap on turn 16, but with lots of corona power loss. 

As many others have pointed out to me, I should be using a large
diameter pipe, or flat wide strap for the transmission line to avoid
the corona loss. That makes sense and is definately something
I will try, since this was the result of some experimentation on my part
in the first place. Obviously, I went about this bass-ackwards, but
it's been a good learning experience.

It was suggested that I should be using a larger diameter secondary
for the driver coil, possibly an 8" coil form. Any ideas how many turns
of wire, and how much winding area on the driver coilform I should
strive towards? My current specs are a 15/60, 6" secondary coil
and a .01 mfd cap using the RQ static gap system.

I wasn't originally aiming at a magnifier, but since it didn't take long
to wind a second coil I might as well investigate this further. :)

In some of Tesla's schematics listed in the Colo. Springs notes..he
shows condensers connected at some possible points along the 
secondary. I'm curious what would happen if I connected a 50kv .01
mfd cap at the top of the free terminal on my working coil and 
connected the other end to either a second coil, or a larger topload.
What would most likely be the outcome? I'd rather understand the
theory first before sacrificing a good cap. <g>