Antique-like Coiling Project ...Strong's "Ajax Coil" Horizontal Tesla Coil!


I am building a neat horizontal table top Tesla Coil fashioned in the manner 
of the old "Ajax" machines that Strong made.

The main unique feature of these coils were the dischargers, in that there 
were 3 instead of 2.  By using a third "dummy" electrode a condenser is 
introduced into the circuit for the output, and effecting the quality of the 
spark at the discharge balls, and quality of the effluve at the discharge 

They consisted of (A) an adjustable round plate [condenser] attatched to the 
left of the secondary, (B) a middle stationary "dummy" electrode consisting 
of a round plate [condenser] and ball discharger, and (C) an adjustable ball 
discharger attatched to the right of the secondary.

Drawn in ASCII:

   "A"        "B"           "C"
--------|     |-o       o---------

It looks something like that.

For Oudin effects, ball terminals are near or closed, and plates separated 
wide (useful for Tesla lectures / ionisation of air), and for spark effects 
condenser can be used to adjust quality of the spark at ball terminals.  
With condenser closed, and balls are farthest distance normal long sparks 
are produced inbetween,
but with variances in capacitance of left dischargers sparks produced at the 
right will vary in character and quality, quantity, etc.

The secondary is 6.6" diameter and 24" long, supported by two "bobbin ends" 
in the shapes of large inverted "U"'s.  Around the secondary is 18 spaced 
dowels for the primary, consisting of copper strap.
[Rotary Index Table very handy for Tesla Coil bases!!]

Coil itself is finished, am working on dischargers now...
Pictures coming soon, as well as perfermance photos.

Jeff Behary

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