winding my own transformer

Hi all,

I came across 2 transformers that were used in a 240 V system designed
to charge a 24V battery bank. The core forms are 3.5 " thick X 7.5" long
X 7" wide.  I removed the end caps ( ground out the weld ) and now have
2 " E " shaped core assys. If they are placed end to end, the useable (
windable) center leg is 10" long.

What I would like to do is rewind this core assy to use as a current
limiter for my pig. Im  thinking that i can run the "primary " side of
this rewound core in series with the pig and use the secondary side as a
means to control the current draw on the primary. By using  parralell
resistive elements on the secondary side I can "draw" current from the
primary thus feeding more current to the pig.  The plans are to wind
this core as a 1:1 isolation type transformer.   a #10 wire at about 150
- 180 turns each side. I would like to have this core handle 60 amps at
240 volts ( over engineering it ) but plan to do most of my running at
40 amps -at- 240 V .

the main question i have is....   do you think a #10 wire is useable in
this situation ( to be used as the new wire ) or should i try to locate
a # 8 or 6 wire ??

I have tried to locate some type of chart that lists the amperage rating
for different wire sizes but to no avail.

If any of you have input on this idea / design please feel free to

Scot D