CRT Xrays Re: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils

CRTs don't put out significant Xrays (as far as I know) for 2 reasons
1. the electrons hit a phosphor layer, not metal.  Electrons hitting the
metal mask are reflected to the rear away from the viewer anyway
2. the larger CRTs have special glass to suppress Xrays (or at least they
used to)

the HV rectifier, on the other hand, has a metal plate so Xrays are more
probable.  I am under the impression that the HV cage was there not only to
protect the HV section from dust and the user from HV, but also to block
Xrays from the rectifier - good old 1B3 and so on.
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> Very interesting.. There was a discussion a while back on this list where
> someone was going to try and use picture tubes as the primary cap in a TC.
> This is really interesting.. So what is the mechanism that makes CRT's
> generate xrays?