Re: connection to extra coil

Large flat transmissions lines are superior.  See my magnifier kicking out
12+ foot sparks. http://users.ticnet-dot-com/bertpool/GARAGE~1.JPG

Transmission line is made of aluminum flashing.  I expected corona on the
edges, but got zero corona, and that was with an incredibly high driver
voltage.  The voltage spreads out over the large flat surface and doesn't
even see the edges.  Every round pipe transmission line I've seen has
corona.  Try it, Mikey, you'll like it.

Bert Pool

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>Hi Don ,the connection you are refering to is known as a transmission line.
>In most magnifier systems a piece of hard copper tubing works well .In
>situation the dia.should be 3/4" or 1" and at least 6' long.
>The reason the small wire dosen't work well is because the small dia. of
>wire acts as one long discharge point.Thus the larger curvature of the
>works much better.
>Just remember the more power that you apply to your system the more chance
>you have of corona breaking off of the line.
>hopes this helps ! Mike Church (CHURCHMON)-at-aol