Re: Extra coil and corona on connection wire

Tesla List wrote:

> I made a second coil that matches my first coil in size
> (6" secondary), coilform length, wire, etc. My thinking
> was to use it as an extra coil.

This is essentially equivalent to double the inductance of the
what would require doubling the inductance of the primary too. But the 
extra coil adds also more self-capacitance to the secondary circuit, 
what lowers even more the operating frequency, requiring more inductance
in the primary, or more capacitance, as you have found.
The self-capacitance of the secondary coil is insulated from the 
terminal by the third coil, and the charge stored there is not available
to supply streamers at the terminal. This may cause some degradation in 
the performance. This problem may be solved with the triple resonance 

The connection shall be something capable of sustaining high voltage
without corona, as a tube with sufficiently large radius.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz