Microsim eval.ver. 8 vs. Orcad ver.9

Someone asked a while ago, how to import a schematic originating from
Microsim, into Orcad Capture ver. 9.

This is how to do it:

In the import screen, Orcad Capture asks (rather stupidly) for the
location of the file: msim.ini (It is in the Windows folder)
Submitting this info will result in the translator claiming that there
is no Schematichs section in msim.ini (which is wrong, but anyway....)

The cure is to point the translator towards msim_evl.ini , same
location, then the translation to Orcad Capture takes place all right.
If you have not previously had Microsim installed, you will be in need
of this file, and I could supply it if needed be, but:

But the torture never stops! a message is displayed, that the evl.
version of Orcad capture will only save a circuit with max. 30
components! (Apparently it will simulate a circuit of unlimited
complexity, just not store it.) = no exchange to others, showing off the
latest gimmic etc. and presenting the coil in question.

I feel that Microsim eval. ver. 8 will therefore become the future state
of the art simulator for hobbyists, and since the Help -> about Microsim
says: "We recommend, and encourage you to share this program with
students and others" I see no problem with burning a few copies to
anyone who might be interested.

So if you are, drop me a line, there wil be a small charge for the disk,
envelope and stamp.

Cheers, Finn Hammer


Hardware requirements: More than 80 MB of ram, on a AMD K6-2 350 MHz
machine, you can simulate 100 mS of tesla coil action in around 3
minutes, providing you with virtual scopetraces _everywhere_ in the
circuit: voltage and current, as well as all sorts of usefull
manipolations of these values like RMS etc. It is a marvel of an
Where would you place the electrodes in a SRSG at 300 BPS. Microsim will
help you to make an educated guess, for equal bangsize,and I can`t wait
to see if it is right. With my soon finished SRSG and the fiberprobes I
will know!