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> > John,  do you think that a dual spark gap being driven with a single
> > would work?  Perhaps a method of adjusting the relationship of the
>>two gaps would offset them the correct amount.

> That would work, but there would still be firing time jitter due to
> mechanical limitations.  In these kinds of twin coil designs no
> offset would be used.  The think the jitter in any case would be much
> greater than one RF cycle, so there's no ability to phase the coils
> mechanically, RF- wise.  Random phasing would have to be depended
> on in these designs.

I think that is a fantastic idea !! If we take this one step further and
mount the two sets of stationary electrodes on two disks (for a
grand total of 4 disks--- 2x running, 2x static). All four disks are
mounted on a common (driven) shaft. However only the two
disks containing the rotating electrodes are "clamped" to the shaft.
The two stationary disks are mounted on ball bearings, so that they
remain stationary when the motor is running. The two stationary
disks get some sort of lever (maybe a threaded rod and a clamp
nut, etc) which is attached to two control motors (DC). You can
now control the phasing of both RSGs separately with the touch
of a button. You could even add limit switches (4 needed) that
would automatically reverse the DC motors, once you have reached
the maximum phase change possible. That way you can "cycle"
through the phase. With such a setup you should be able to get
rid of all phasing problems and (as you can control both RSGs
independently) be of help in adjusting twin coils for maximum
spark length. This just might be what Lou is (was?) looking for.

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