Extra coil and corona on connection wire

Hi All,

I made a second coil that matches my first coil in size 
(6" secondary), coilform length, wire, etc. My thinking 
was to use it as an extra coil.

I removed the topload off the main coil, and used AWG 22
to connect the main coil to the bottom of the extra coil. Fired
it up and got no spark, even after I ran out of primary turns
(16). I decided to hook up the other .01 mfd cap in parrallel
to get .02 mfd, and finally was able to get spark out of the 
extra coil doing it this way. The streamers were OK, but
not all that impressive. I got corona the entire length of
the connecting wire (about 8 feet between the two coils)
on magnet wire. I tried a section of NST HV wire and it
gave off corona the entire length as well, plus the HV
from the main coil actually punctured the HV wire in two

I may not have enough power to run the extra coil
with only a 15/60 but it was an interesting experiment. 

What kind of wire is used to connect the extra coil without
corona being a problem?