Re: Acrylic coil form for secondary

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Aric_C_Rothman-at-email.whirlpool-dot-com
>      I have on order a 6 dia x36 long piece of 1/8" wall extruded acrylic
>      tubing on order.  What kind of surface treatment is recommended prior
>      to winding?  Is acrylic hydroscopic (like PVC), necessitating sealing
>      prior to winding?
>      TIA,
>      Aric

Excellent choice in choosing a form...   no need to prep it, in fact leave it
as is, it looks great when wound with your wire and then coated with several
layers of polyurethane oil based varnish...   if you can, tape off the areas
where the wire isnt on the tube so you wont get varnish on the exposed tubing.
This makes for a cleaner look and you will be impressed when done    ....   i
was  ;)

Scot D