Re: coil w/o ground??? how come? :-o


> > Original Poster: Leto Tokarev <leto-at-irisz.hu>
> >
> > hi!
> >
> > my first coil is up and firing :)
> > its a pretty small one, but it works. today i
> noticed something strange -
> > i forget to connect the ground when i turned it
> on, and there was no
> > difference at all!!!

Hi Leto,
If your coil posses small capacity than floating bottom ungrounded wire
may play a role of dominant capacity of 10 pF or maybe more (that
depends again on lenght of it).The truth is that for small 1/4 wave
coils bottom can be connected to a small capacity box and system still
works well (yes 1/4 wave mode is changed but just a little).Our mother
Earth is also a capacity -not a theoreticaly pure 0 point-althought
this is an extreme comparation to your observation...


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