Re: Twin coil idea

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John, all..

  This twin system might well use a 3/4 H.P. 3450 R.P.M. grinder motor 
converted to sync. operation.  This would save the expense of using two 
separate rotary motors, since the motor has two shafts. One disc would be in 
a fixed position, while the other disc could be indexed and adjustable in 
phase relative to the other.

Note this would need to be a P.S.C induction type grinder motor to convert to 
3600 R.P.M. sync. operation which most are.

Kevin E.

<< In a typical twin TC, the sparks can become unbalanced at each
 toroid, unless long spark take-off rods are installed on the toroids.
 This is probably due to spark loading effects in each sec/pri.
 It might be interesting to build a twin classic TC with separate power 
 supplies, tank circuits, and sync gaps.  By carefully synching the 
 two rotaries, a condition would occur in which the sparks would attract
 each other occasionally.  They would attract only occasionally
 because the RF from the two systems would drift into (or out of) phase
 occasionally based on rotary jitter and tuning. >>