Saturable Reactors

To All,
Just thought I would toss in my $0.02 into the reactive/resistive ballasting
fray.  IMHO the most primo way to control a "pole pig" is with a saturable
reactor.  The reactance is infinitely variable from min to max and requires
only a small DC power supply for operation (0-100 volts maybe 0.5 amp).  A
saturable reactor is not nearly as big as an arc welder, and doesn't dissipate
hundreds (or more) watts like several Calrod electric stove elements in
parallel.  The reactor I have is about the size of a loaf of bread, weighs
about 30 lbs.  Its rated at 20 amperes, with taps for both 240 and 208 volt
operation.  The large core gives it huge thermal hysteresis and can be immersed
in oil for even more cooling if desired, I have controlled 40 amps with no
problems.   Another perc of using a saturable reactor is the control winding is
isolated from the circuit it controls.  The SR can be placed right next to the
pole pig and only a small  lead is used for control from a safe distance.  Hope
this helps.  Stay safe.