Re: Twin coil idea

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> I have 2 15kv 60mA transformers, and have been meaning to try this for 
> months!!
> I thread coil forms, and have 2 secondaries 6.625" diameter x 32" tall: one 
> wound with a right handed thread, the other left handed thread.  So, both 
> coils are approximate close wound but in opposing directions.
> I would think that if large dischargers are placed up top, they "should" 
> spark towards one another...right?


If they are two completely separate TC's, they might only arc to each
other when (1) the gaps fire at the same time in each TC, (2) the RF
happens to drift out of phase in one TC relative to the other.  This will
probably only occur with a sync rotary, with careful tuning, and even
then the sparks might attract only occasionally.  With static gaps,
I don't think the sparks will attract at all because of the very random
firing.  If the sparks do attract with static gaps, then it will be because
a random phase is *good enough*, as opposed to *out of phase* which
is known to be not suitable.  All this is speculation on my part since
I've never built a twin TC of any kind   :)

Thanks for your other posting about your results with wide secondary

Good luck with the hurricane.  I hope you won't be forced into studying
the aerodynamic capabilites of TC secondary forms!

John Freau
> The hurricane is headed my way, so I'm not coiling this week, and hopefully 
> my PVC won't fly away!
> Jeff >>