Fast transients vs shocks

Hi all,
I was informed that one could draw more or less shocking discharge off
from every coil regardless of its construction and size of top
isotropic capacity if max. arc lenght was allowed.
Particulary Single pulse mode may be more shocking experience than 120
BPS max. secondary arc.Why?

I know that if multiple discharging mode solid discharge occurs coil
each time have a complete ring-up of voltage and than (or little
latter,while  peak of first cycle of ring down comes) discharges into
outter grounded load.Electrically something similar is supposed to
happen in Single pulse mode under max. arc terms.

I'd like to know if somebody had noticed a difference in the current
waveforms in hit objects between single pulse mode and normal mode of
TC excitation.

UMHO ,a quality of produced TC arc got something to do with delivered
shock to humans.
There are 2 possibilities. DC component per discharge is greater in
single pulse mode or DC component stays aprox. the same in the both
cases but nerves are more sensitive in a single pulse mode due to
longer pauses.The last thought sounds pretty crazy to me.
I don't know,I'm not a physiologist (only a physicist).
Becouse of the complexity of  discharging transient phenomenona
measurment data are the first priority here- the only reliable approach
to this problem.Any opinion welcomed as well.


P.S. I know this is a difficult subject to discuss about and that the
majority is interested much more in a corrona mode of TC operating and
not in very complicated MHz discharging events.However ,I consider that
in the age of modern measurment equipment we should research all kinds
of TC phenomena.Shouldn't we?   

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