Convert XRAY transformer for TC use

Mordern 60 Hz XRAY generators consist of one full wave center tapped
POSITIVE power supply and one NEGATIVE  (fwct)  power  supply, both with
respect to ground, In the same way you would build a fullwave bridge center
tapped   plus and minus power supply. 
If you want a positive supply,  use the bushing marked  ANODE and  ground
(transformer case). Then fill the CATHODE bushing with transformer oil and plug
it up (for safety reasons).  The reverse is true for a negative supply
using the
CATHODE bushing and ground, then plugging the ANODE one. (all are 1/2 the
voltage of the total supply`50-62.5KV not 100-125 KV.)  They were designed
this way to lessen stress on the HV cables and to reduce the shock hazard
to personnel.
Doing this will reduce the KVA to half, but 12.5 - 20 KVA  ain't to be
sneezed at.
Be sure that the terminals marked  MA1 & MA2 are strapped together and then
to the case ground. (This is very important).  Also remember that in this
config. the Transformer will still draw up to  50A at 240VAC or more. With
the proper auto-
transformer the output voltage could be lowered to 5-10 KV at what ever MA
it was designed for.
There is a simple way to obtain fullpower from this config, but that is for
time.  You have to get into the transformer tank to do it.           Lee Marsh
This document is for informational purposes only and should only be
attempted by persons       familiar with High Voltage Devices of this
Magnatude. (see TCML Safety Sheets)