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>I wonder why those changes would reduce the spark length?  I didn't
>expect that.  It could be that the total secondary and toroid C is
>now just too large for the amount of power, that's my guess.  

Hi John. Could be since last night I replaced the first toroid which
is 5" cross-section with a 7" cross-section slightly larger diameter
one. The sparks dropped to 66" and the arcs from the bottom toroid to
the primary sounded like gunshots. This coil seems to need the toroids
up high.

>I suspect that if you built a new secondary that is narrower, maybe
>8" or 9" wide, but taller at maybe 32" or so, then use the toroid
>combo, it would work well.  I say this because when I once used a
>wide short secondary, it both developed racing sparks, and demanded a
>smaller toroid.  I suspect that if the power is limited, the total
>combined  secondary and topload C shouldn't be too large.  (if one is
>larger, the other must be smaller and vice versa).

>In general, I found wide short secondaries to be *troublesome*.  But
>it's mostly the shortness that causes the real trouble.

Yeah, it's time to build a taller one. I have one other thing left to
try and that is an even shorter coil that I wound once for a small
magnifier. May set it on top of the other one and connect the wires.
This would make it another 16" taller.

>Just some thoughts.

And always helpful ones. Thanks.

>John Freau

Alan Jones