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<< I'd like to solve the racing sparks issue since when I start using
> a pig on the coil and add more caps in the circuit, the problem
> isn't likely to go away. I may have to try winding a taller secondary
> to see if that will have any effect. 
> I've been reading Tesla's Colorado Springs notes and am wondering
> if using an extra coil would solve this problem?
> >Don >>


A taller secondary will definitely solve the racing sparks problem.  
For instance with my 3" x 12" high secondary, I had to use special
techniques (small toroid right against the top of the secondary, with
larger toroids stacked on top, to keep racing sparks under control,
just to get a ~24" spark max.)  But using the 4" x 23" tall secondary, 
the sparks reach 63" before racing sparks become a problem.  The 
wire gauge is #28 on both secondaries.  A taller coil automatically
has a higher break-down voltage.

Converting the TC to a magifier will tend to help reduce racing sparks
because the voltage is divided somewhat between the secondary and
extra coil.  But a regular classic TC can give enormous sparks if the
secondary is of a adequate size. 

John Freau