Re: Building an RSG

On 6 Sep 99, at 10:36, Tesla List wrote:

> I tried to remove the end covers - took out all the screws but the covers
> wouldn't come off - they would barely turn, my guess is that the end covers
> and bearings are mounted on grooves in the shaft. I suspect that a
> universal
> motor would have better access for ventilation, changing the brushes etc?
> If I could get into it - I would probably come up to Newcastle for the day
> and let you grind the flats!

Hi Alan,
	You should be able to remove the end covers by dropping the 
grinder sharply onto a lump of wood vertically. This should release 
the flanges from the stator,and the bearing from it's housing. it's a 
good idea to mark the position of the end covers before you do this. 
The convention is two centre punch marks on the drive end ,and 
one on the non drive end. Of course this goes out the window when 
you have something with "things" on both ends.Try dropping it from 
about 18". 

good luck with the grinding. Maybe worth paying a machine shop 
to do it as the motor is so cheap.

bob golding 
in sunny Cornwall at the moment.