Re: Is time important

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> Original Poster: Paul Gower <gower-at-cairns-dot-net.au> 
> Hi all,
>          Just a quick question I have a really big
> (for the coil its on)
> torroid made out of a old truck tire inner. When i
> turn my coil on (see
> specs below) nothing happens, instantly. If i left
> it run for a while
> would it eventually build up charge and shoot a
> really big spark? Does
> time have anything to do with it?
> Would greatly appreciate any help.
>        Thanx Paul
Hi Paul,
I think that time got very little to do with it if voltage lasts few
microseconds since time formation of corrona /arcs is very,very
short.If your torro. surface electric field  doesn't approach breaking
value in single shoot operation than nothing would happen in multiple
excitation mode also.However ,if you put sharp point on your tor. arcs
would be probably produced and would be longer in long operation mode
which relays on remanent ionisation effects  influencing creating long

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