Re: EMI-RFI filter question

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> Subject: EMI-RFI filter question
> Date: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 9:29 PM
> Original Poster: dhess1-at-us.ibm-dot-com 
> I have a 30 amp, 3 phase EMI-RFI line filter that was given to me and I'm
> interested in using it for a 120v NST powered Tesla coil. Does anyone
know If I
> can use a 3 phase filter in a single phase application? (Will the two
> legs of the filter interfere or prevent the one active leg from doing
> job?)

Nope.. except you'll want to use two legs, not one (unless it actually has
4 sections with an extra for Neutral)

> Also, If it's rated at 30 amps, 3 P, dose that mean 10 amps per leg times
> or 30 amps per leg?
> Daniel

That means 30 A per leg...

And, you could probably parallel sections (or series them) and get away
with it.. I'd test it to find out.