Re: X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils !!!

Hi Group

No Xray expert here . . .  It is possible to get X-rays from vacuum
filled bulbs connected to a TC.  The ordinary light bulbs one sees these
days, are inert gas filled, and don't produce X-rays.  They light up
with blue streamers inside the bulb.

Old light bulbs were vacuum 'filled.'   Connecting them to a TC will
produce X-rays.  Little or no streamer inside the bulb, but a bright
green fluorescing from the glass itself.  Some bulbs sold for
oven/refrigerator lighting will produce X-rays.  Some miniature bayonet
lamps will work.  Vacuum tubes are another source of TC X-ray emitters
(not all VT's, but the older ones with two digit part numbers seem to

An Inexpensive X-ray Machine

There are instructions for a kicker coil excited Tesla Coil, and housing
for the X-ray source, along with photos made with the apparatus.