The Zero crossings.....


This suddenly struck me tonight, tell me if I`m off my rocker!

In a circuit where the supply is inductive, and the load is capacitive,
the Voltage zero crossing has only minor impact on the action.
The real event is the AC_Peaks, because it is here the current zero
crossings take place. It is here the electrons change direction.

The cap will charge negative all the way from the positive voltage peak
to the negative peak, and positive from the negative peak to the
positive peak.
The ability to supply current is greatest at the downslope from the
voltage peak to the zero voltage crossing*(1), and diminishes towards
the negative voltage peak, it then again increases towards the zero
voltage crossing only to decrease again as the positive voltage peak

The Voltage Zero Crossing should therefore not be awarded too much
significance in the analysis of the circuit`s behavior, it is the
voltage peaks that contain the key to circuit behavior.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

I beleive this is called "Inductive Kick "