Re: Dual toroid and efficiency tests - MYSTERY !!

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<< >Do you obtain multiple streamers when you use the 4" by 13" smooth
> >toroid alone?  
> Yes, they were all over the place. I could not get a single streamer
> to form, using a drill bit taped down. The streamers were going off
> the drill bit and the rest of the toroid, lots of em'.

Don, all,

(Mystery is stated below)

I call this the "gas burner" effect.  I did some tests yesterday, with 
a small TC.  With high break rate, I was able to use a small 6" toroid
and get 11" sparks (one or two streamers).  But at low 120bps 
break rate, the gas burner
effect occured...lots o' small sparks.    I had to use a 3" by 10"
spun toroid to form just one or two long streamers that were now
14" long. 

A low break rate (with bigger bangs) definately needs a larger toroid
in general, than high break rate with small bangs.

But the MYSTERY to me, is why I can get 49" sparks, with just 2 or
three streamers, using just my 4" by 13" toroid, at 120 bps, at just
950 watts, on my larger TC.  Whereas others are getting multiple
streamers with shorter sparks.

My specs:

(2) 7200 volt, 1.5kVA potential Xfrmers in series, for 14.4kV. 
Inductive ballast, about 7mH, (set for resonant charging).

Power input is 950 watts (wallplug). measured with lab style wattmeter.

0.0147uF cap.

22 turns in primary.  Primary is close wound #12 stranded pvc
insulated wire.  about 1" between sec and primary.  Secondary is
raised about 1.25" above the primary.

sync rotary gap , 120 bps.

Secondary is 6.5" by 23", wound with #28 formvar magnet wire,
close wound.  

Resonant frequency of the secondary with toroid is probably down
around 100 kHz.   * Maybe the low frequency is helping to form fewer
streamers ???

> At turn 13, the streamers are definately longer with the smooth 4" x 13" 
> and also longer than using the corregated 4" x 18 alone. The corregated
> 4" x 18" ducting does not have as many break-outs. So, at turn 13,
> the smooth toroid out-performs the larger 4" x 18" with more and longer
> streamers.
> Observation - If a corregated ducting toroid has the seams held together
> using aluminum foil tape, the streamers want to predominate at the seam
> point.

My corregated toroids do the same when taped.
> >Lou Balint has told me that when he placed one of my smooth toroids 
> >on his coil, he obtained multiple streamers, and could not force it to
> >produce just one streamer even with a breakout point,  but the streamers
> >were only 30" or less. 

> I had the same experience as Lou. With just the smooth 4" x 13"
> alone, the streamers are more numerous and It was not possible
> to get just one breakout point. When I use a larger 6" x 20"
> corregated toroid, I get the longest streamer of all, but just at one
> point. 
> Thank you for making the 4" x 13 toroid such a work of art. It's
> flawless. :-)

John Freau
> Don
> http://www.fwpd-dot-net/dona/tesla/teslacoil.htm