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>Hi Alan,

>I wonder if it might be best to keep the system near resonant because
>of the relatively low voltages from those types of xfrmers?  LTR
>might have trouble jumping the gaps reliably possibly?
That's the problem with this low voltage. Static gaps are a pain,
since each has to be so small. But with just the rotary it will jump
pretty good. I need to hook up a gap or two in series with the rotary
and see how the system works then. At least the heat isn't as bad with
the rotary. I haven't had any flaming spark gaps in awhile now.

>Those are the longest sparks I've heard of anyone getting from those
>xfrmers, congratulations !!  It must be the large toroids that are
>helping. You're pretty close to the max capability of that secondary
>probably.  I've also had problems with racing sparks etc with a wide
>short secondary and long sparks.    I wonder if it would help to add
>a small toroid (20" dia.)  right
>on top of the secondary, or a little above, then stack the others
>above, or even use a transitioning cone like Richard Hull uses on his
>magnifier.  I don't know how much difference this makes.  But when I
>did my experiments, "capabilities of small thin wire secondaries",
>the placement and arrangement of the various toroids at top made a
>big difference for breakdown and  spark length.  

That's how I used to setup when I ran indoors. There would be 4 or
more stacked up, but were the same size. I can use one of them like
you suggest and will try it in a couple days.
>Racing sparks depend on bang size.  With a 120 bps system, the bang
>size will be necessarily large, so the system must be built to
>withstand this.  With a low bps system,  there's none of this little
>tapping with a little hammer.....you're using a sledgehammer so to
>speak.  That's what's good about it, and that's what demands extra
>care in the set-up.  If you increase the coupling, the racing sparks 
>might come back.  You might be maxed out on the system pretty much. 
>The only absolute cure might be a taller secondary if you  have the
>room.  Thanks for the report, let us know what happens, 

I really hope it isn't maxed out yet :-)  I could build another and
stack them, but it would be getting pretty high. Might blow over if
the wind got up suddenly.

Take it easy,
Alan Jones
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